By Esther Lastoria


Welcome to Mosaic Collage

Welcome to the newest arts and crafts product Web site, “Mosaic Collage”. I invented a new method for creating mosaics, making it safe, fast, fun, easy, clean, economical and educational for everyone. The workable Mosaic Collage sheets I created are unique in the way they are used and are useful in recycling items for reuse. Hope you take the time to review the Mosaic Sheets on this Web Site and also my Portfolio. I am offering customized Art pieces and Art prints, for sale, to date. If you are interested in the use of or licensing and/or other venues of my patented Mosaic Collage sheets, please contact me through this Web Site. This Web Site is made of pieces of my work along with graphic design skill. Users must have written permission by me for the use or sale of any mosaic collage sheets or artwork. Advertising or any mass production project must also get written permission by me using or incorporating this product. Please see patent information for your review. Larger Mosaic Collage sheets can be purchased and are custom made to order. All sheets are in digital form or made as EPS Vector graphics for applications that are more technical. Please feel free to leave me a comment on the Contact Info/Feedback. This Web Site will be updated periodically with new Mosaic Collage sheets and instructions with tips for your projects. I will be opening a store site in the near future, so come back to check for updates. Thank you for visiting. -Esta

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