By Esther Lastoria




Mosaic Collage - A new method or process of creating a Mosaic Collage by using a combination of overlapped pasted or fragmented, photographic pieces which are fixed on paper. The combination is then copied on a color copier machine or scanner. My Mosaic Collage sheets could also be made into digital files stored on a computer or CD.

What will a potential customer use my sheets for? Frames and mats for pictures and photos. ornaments, wrapping paper, wallpaper, contact paper, greeting cards and stickers. They also can be applied to 3 dimensional objects. An example of this would be, planter pots (plastic is safer and economical), boxes, table decorations, banners, lamp shades, glass tables and/or windows. Puzzles, games, Mosaic Collage chess/checker boards, are just some of the applications for their use.

Why would you buy them? Well they are safe, fast, easy, clean, and educational. They are inexpensive to buy. Are unique in the way they are used and are useful in recycling items for reuse. Come and check out our instructional page on our Web Site. Whoever is into arts and crafts or advertisement is sure to think of many other applications for their use. I am sure a Graphic Designer can fine tune this product into something amazing. This Web Site is made of pieces of my work along with graphic design skill. So give it a try and have lots of fun discovering all of your creative imagination.

If you would like to review the Utility Patent, US #6,273,979, go to United States Patent & Trademark Office at